Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Implementation of ESG-princips using the example of "eastern exit"

Since the beginning of the construction, the project concessionaire - BKK LLC - is guided by ESG -princes and strives to achieve balance between environmental, social and economic aspects.

ESG (environmental, social, corporate governance) —

Ecology, social policy and corporate administration.In relation to companies, they mean their involvement in the solution of environmental, social and managerial problems.

The approach to the adoption of management decisions in the company is based on consistency with universal values, solving socio-economic problems, preserving the favorable environment and natural resource potential, including for future generations.

Separate references deserve decisions selected by the “Bashkir concession company” to rationalize the use of natural resources both at the stage of construction of the “Eastern Exit” and at the stage of its operation.For example, at the construction stage, it was possible to reduce the specific consumption of water by 28.2%, the amount of waste generated due to their shipping or secondary use was reduced by 20%.

Also, within the framework of the program of environmental compensation measures, which is implemented during the construction of the Eastern Exit (from 2020 to 4 square meters, 2023), 794,328 fry of red -Book sterlet were produced on a regular basis..

Now ...
The Russian government is developing a plan for implementing a strategy for the development of ESG standards in the Russian Federation and studying possible measures of state support for companies that are ready to meet these standards.

Measures taken by the concessionaire in terms of maintaining the environmental balance at the construction stage of the facility

Схема 1. Сокращение объема отходов

production waste
and consumption
Implementation of a separate
system of waste for further
secondary processing, includingsoil,
metal, forestry residues
research for
class establishing
Reducing the volume of

Scheme 2. Protection of atmospheric air

research for
class establishing
The use of closed
transportation and
loading of goods
Control over the operation of equipment in
the period of forced downtime or
technical break (parking
techniques only with the engine turned off)
The use of dust reduction agents in the unloading of materials
air protection

Scheme 3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Control over the operation of equipment during
forced downtime or technical
break (parking of equipment only with
engine turned off)
Optimization of the delivery of materials to
“Vostochny Departure”: Placement
concrete and asphalt plants on
facility minimized the distance,
overcame over the large -sized
transportation of materials to the construction site,
and reduced emissions into the environment
Reducing emissions
greenhouse gases

Scheme 4. Preservation of biological diversity

The schedule of construction and
installation work, taking into account
restrictions established by
spawning period
Organization of selective
storage of the removed
plant layer of soil and
ensuring its storage for
further use
Preventing the cutting of trees
and shrubs outside the limits of
stripes allotted under
the construction of the road
Fencing of construction
sites in structures,
limiting the hit
animals within
construction sites
Preservation of biological

Scheme 5. Protection of aquatic ecosystems

Using the
water supply system
for washing wheels when leaving
from the construction site
The collection of rolled outs of the
water in storage containers
with the subsequent export to
City treatment facilities.
The device of the spont
fences in the production of
on the floodplain and in the channel of water
Constant monitoring
water bodies
Protection of aquatic ecosystems

Scheme 6. Protection of groundwater

Building drives
technology and vehicles
from solid coatings
The device of solid
waterproof coatings
in places of long -term
standing technology
The harvest of household
waste in waterproofed
drives and attendants with
subsequent export
Device of accumulative
tanks for gathering waste
water, followed by the export to
city treatment facilities
Protection of groundwater

Measures taken by the concessionaire in terms of maintaining the ecological balance at the operation stage

Atmospheric air protection

The Eastern Exit will allow you to unload the street road network, to reduce the distance overcame by cars traveling to the M5 (and vice versa), respectively, this will help reduce emissions of the main pollutants released during the burning of the fuel by moving vehicles by about 35%.

It is expected to decrease by 27% of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) released during the burning of fuel by moving vehicles.

Protection of groundwater

During the implementation of the project, 20 local treatment facilities (moos) are equipped and commissioned along the highway highway, on which storm wastewater is cleaned to fisheries and exported by vehicles to the permitted discharge place.

Энергоэффективность проекта

01 —

Effective LED lamps with the optimal combination of parameters were installed: the height and step of lighting supports, the method of installing the lamp on the support in accordance with the dimensions of the roadway.

02 —

Automatic dimming devices have been installed to reduce the power of lamps of the entrance zones of the tunnel

03 —

The optimal sections of cable-wire products were used to reduce electricity losses in group distribution networks

04 —

Additional thermal insulation of the CHC housings was established to reduce electricity costs for heating the internal space of the cabinets

05 —

Automated lighting control system was used

noise absorption

Acoustic screens with a height of 3 to 6 meters have been installed, which have a noise -cutting and noise -absorbing effect.The total length of these structures on the Eastern Exit is 9281 m, an area of more than 30,000 square meters.m. Screens installation areas - the location of the SNT, overpass, pedestrian crossings, interchanges and buildings.The degree of soundproofing of soundproof screens is up to 36 dB and allows you to reduce the noise load to values that do not exceed permissible levels.

“The era of hydrocarbons is not forever with us.The consumption of oil and gas will decrease due to the fact that the world is aimed at reducing the greenhouse effect to slow down the grounding of the Earth.It will require efforts to restructure the economy, the creation of appropriate infrastructure.The President instructed to achieve carbon neutrality of the Russian Federation by 2060.The Government of the Russian Federation approved a strategy for low carbon development. ”

Ivan Chebeskov

Director of the Department of Financial Policy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

The socio-economic effect of the commissioning of the "eastern exit"

The emergence of the Eastern Exit is designed to increase the level of development of the transport and logistics potential of Bashkortostan and become a “brick” in the creation of modern Russian transport infrastructure.For the region, this project is a driver of socio-economic development, since it made it possible to create new jobs and an additional database of tax revenues to the budget, and by attracting extra-budgetary investments-to optimize budget expenses.


Builders - residents of Bashkortostan

5 млрд руб.

the volume of contracts with manufacturers and suppliers from the Republic of Belarus


Reducing the load of urban highways and increasing their throughput

The problem of lack of bridges over the Belaya and Ufa rivers is partially solved,

as well as the problem of the absence of highways in the direction from west to east

The growth of transport and logistics...

the potential of Bashkortostan and the creation of modern transport infrastructure

The possibility of developing new ones

new areas and expansion of housing construction in the promising direction of Zauphimya


investment attractiveness of the Republic of Belarus, an increase in the influx of investment, including in projects implemented by PPP

Increased tax revenues

to the budget of the Republic of Belarus

The possibility of developing new areas

and expansion of housing construction in the promising direction of Zaufimya


new jobs

Ecology and climate

The quality of life

Economics and Management

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